Remake Print Skirt Progress 

Hello again

Well the toile didn’t fit!  , my waist is too big…but the skirt from the hip down looks great.

I like the tulip shape as it gives a bit more hip , optical illusion making my waist look smaller , or am I just fooling myself ? 

Anyhow to accommodate my thicker waist , I added a scrap piece through the centre front of the yoke , this was a bit of a mistake as this has altered the curve at the bottom of the yoke and should have been added across the whole width , I will add the extra correctly when I re-cut the pattern piece.

The back yoke sat too high, I do have quite a shallow back, so I have reduced the height, this time I slashed the toile more evenly which means the yoke bottom seam wasn’t so distorted.

The instructions advised to reflect the hems , however I underestimated how curved the hem is , it will need facing but is a lovely shape .

The pattern is available here burda #116 , there is also an alternative shorter style with zipper embellished on the yoke see burda #115

I  re-cut the yokes , spreading the additional needed across the whole width , so is now more of a square!

Best disguised by shoddy photo ….

I reattached the revised yokes to the original skirt pieces and was pleased with the fit and the front yoke seam now runs straight.

Happy with everything it was time to cut it out from the kaftan, I just cut along the seams as they were french seams and very narrow.

The kaftan was made with the pattern running horizontally , but was wide enough for me to fit the skirt pieces across – luckily .

I pinned the layers to ensure the print ran straight across the fold.

With a bit of fiddling I managed to get the pattern centred on the front , back, yokes and pockets backs .

I didn’t bother with trying match the facings or pocket bags , to be honest I don’t think I had enough as the repeat is pretty large.

I cut the skirt pieces from lightweight black cotton for the lining, I will bag the skirt out , so no seam finishing required!

All ready to get under the machine 

I’m looking forward to having this finished soon , a cotton skirt will be great for this flash of warmer weather.


Remake print skirt


A while back I found a skirt pattern in a Burda magazine which I fancied making,  it’s a tulip shape with yoke and pockets!

I have finally  got round to tracing out the pattern , I opted for a size 38/10 which is a little optimistic,  however I am making a toile so I can adjust  (make bigger) as necessary.

I traced the pattern onto calico, I will have to stay stitch all the pieces before making up as I didn’t trace on the grain – which is why you are supposed to trace onto paper.

I added the seam allowance and hems .

I’ll whizz up the toile and see how (or if) it fits and then I plan to make it up in cotton , I have a lovely wax print which is currently a full length kaftan but am hopeful has enough fabric in it to make this skirt , I won’t be able to pattern match but as the seams are on the sides I should get away with it!

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Crochet Chameleon 


I thought I’d share my newest make, meet the crochet chameleon made using the fab pattern from Janice  Mooncie’s Crocheted Wild Animals , those of you who have come across this pattern already will know he’s a true chameleon as he can change colour by turning inside out to reveal his alternate colourway!

He is crocheted in two colourways , I used Sirdar Cotton Prints DK in shades 357 and 352

The yarn was lovely to work with, the hook slid easily and no annoying splitting and it makes a lovely smooth firm fabric, I am not the most experienced crocheter but managed the pattern with out too many problems , the only real piece of unravelling was when I worked a large piece with the wrong hook !

The instructions were pretty clear and he’s turned out great, although I did not check my tension as instructed so he may have differing proportions that he ought ! 

Have you made any of the animals in this book ? Which one should I make next ? 



Today I finished this cat softie as a gift for a new arrival

After a request for a gift for a new baby that had arrived in a cat loving family , I took a look on pintrest for some inspiration , sketched out a rough design and then drafted out a pattern .
I chose some coordinating cotton and felt oddments , using plain for the hands,  back of the head and back legs and the print for the remainder.
Putting together was reasonably straight forward , I applied the felt pieces with zigzag and hand embroidered the eyes, mouth and whiskers then made up the head and body, arms and legs.

I attached the head to the body , the arms ,legs and tail and turned through , I had originally intended to stitch the base of the back and front together to close , however as I was stuffing , it occurred to me that it would be nice if she could sit up , so I drafted and cut a base and part stitched , leaving a gap to turn through , if I had considered the base earlier I would have left part of the side seam open for turning instead . Turning through is always a bit of a struggle once the arms and legs are attached !

However am pleased with how she turned out , when I make another, as well as making opening in side seam, I’ll add the seam allowance to my pattern as I was too lazy to do this and added ‘by eye’ when cutting , which is not to be recommended .

Do you have a suggestion for best place to turn softies through ? Let me know , would love to hear from you