Making Progress February 


Thought I would share my makes for this month, I have been quite busy and have finished up quite a few  pieces

The first was a chunky knit waist coat , burda knit pattern All about the blues with 2 strands of stash wool, I struggled with the brioche edging , apparently I can’t chat and knit , I pulled it back several times to correct the edge and then started over when it ended up too long , second time I knitted it up was much more successful and am pleased with the result , check out the shawl pin from genny2828 on eBay. 

Next I got the crochet hook out and joined up some pretty crocheted squares I found at a charity shop with remnant wool , the result is pretty colourful and my joins are pretty mountainous but the cat loves it 🐈

Whilst the hook was still out I crocheted a cosy for a friend’s gym bottle , pretty chuffed that it fitted like a glove .

I relined a favourite bag adding an extra internal pocket and a clip for hanging your keys , hate having to rummage round !

I also made a crochet hook caddy as a gift for a friend, sewn using stashed rose print upholstery weight cotton and fastened with a button and fabric covered elastic loop.

And lastly having found some fabulous vintage navy and silver lurex wool, that I had forgotten I had ! 

I sourced a fab vintage pattern from bookandknits see here on etsy and am now almost halfway up the front , although this is growing a great deal slower than knitting the waistcoat , hope I don’t have to pull this back !

I have really enjoyed finishing up all these projects, and am very pleased to have used up stashed goodies , here’s hoping March is as productive !

What have you been making ? 




Today I finished this cat softie as a gift for a new arrival

After a request for a gift for a new baby that had arrived in a cat loving family , I took a look on pintrest for some inspiration , sketched out a rough design and then drafted out a pattern .
I chose some coordinating cotton and felt oddments , using plain for the hands,  back of the head and back legs and the print for the remainder.
Putting together was reasonably straight forward , I applied the felt pieces with zigzag and hand embroidered the eyes, mouth and whiskers then made up the head and body, arms and legs.

I attached the head to the body , the arms ,legs and tail and turned through , I had originally intended to stitch the base of the back and front together to close , however as I was stuffing , it occurred to me that it would be nice if she could sit up , so I drafted and cut a base and part stitched , leaving a gap to turn through , if I had considered the base earlier I would have left part of the side seam open for turning instead . Turning through is always a bit of a struggle once the arms and legs are attached !

However am pleased with how she turned out , when I make another, as well as making opening in side seam, I’ll add the seam allowance to my pattern as I was too lazy to do this and added ‘by eye’ when cutting , which is not to be recommended .

Do you have a suggestion for best place to turn softies through ? Let me know , would love to hear from you