Remake print skirt


A while back I found a skirt pattern in a Burda magazine which I fancied making,  it’s a tulip shape with yoke and pockets!

I have finally  got round to tracing out the pattern , I opted for a size 38/10 which is a little optimistic,  however I am making a toile so I can adjust  (make bigger) as necessary.

I traced the pattern onto calico, I will have to stay stitch all the pieces before making up as I didn’t trace on the grain – which is why you are supposed to trace onto paper.

I added the seam allowance and hems .

I’ll whizz up the toile and see how (or if) it fits and then I plan to make it up in cotton , I have a lovely wax print which is currently a full length kaftan but am hopeful has enough fabric in it to make this skirt , I won’t be able to pattern match but as the seams are on the sides I should get away with it!

I’ll let you know how I get on.


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