New Years Eve Costume – Started

Better late than never !  After all the makes for Christmas pressies, I have given my machine a break over the festivities,  however if I am to join in Moulin Rouge NYE celebrations I need to get a move on.

I trawled the local charity shops yesterday for suitable items and here’s my haul .

Really pleased with this fab find , vintage Laura Ashley with full circle taffeta skirt, the skirt has velvet trim to the hem and a net underskirt which is also bound , perfect for upcoming can-cans…

I also managed to find a fab basque,  even better it fits me !

It’s already got some sparkles so that’s another job I haven’t got to do.

For the final touches I also found a feather boa! 

Had great fun looking through all the amazing charity shops and got a lot of assistance from the fab volunteers who were keen to help , getting things from back rooms and window displays- even better the money all goes to good causes .

So now I just need to pull it all together..

I tried it all on and found out that vintage size 12 dress won’t go on me past the waist (must have shrunk) but as am going to cut into a skirt can gleefully ignore this minor hiccup.

Decided to alter the hemline of the basque to match the skirts fab v-shaped waistline,  and this will be the far easier alteration at this late stage. 

I unpicked the binding to basque hem , drew the new hemline with chalk.

I then shortened the boning , curving the ends so they shouldn’t poke through the binding .

So now just need to reattach the binding and maybe add some more sparkle and the top is done!

Will follow up with dress into skirt progress.

Are you still making your NYE outfit ? Would love to hear about it.


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