Finished – Upcycled Floral Print Raglan Sleeved Summer Top


Finally finished my summer top and with the weather as lovely as it is I’ll get to wear it inbetween the showers ! 

Got distracted over the weekend with a crochet chimp, 

once he was done it was back to completing the top ! 

Was a pretty easy make although,as I suspected , that small seam allowance tripped me up – can you see my stay stitching beyond the seam ? ! 

A little bit of unpicking will teach me to go more carefully next time .

However I was glad I stay stitched as all the pieces went together perfectly , the seam allowance didn’t need trimming so finishing was super quick.

The facing was edge stitched and the top stitched a centimetre away from the edge to make the channel for the elastic , and the sleeves were simply turned up and the hem used for the channel . 

I had added an extra inch to the length as I am quite long in the body , but when I tried it on it was too long , the pattern only allows a half inch hem , but as I had the extra length I used some to make a double fold hem which gives the hem a bit more weight . It’s not clear from the pattern where this is supposed to finish but I decided on top  hip , looks great with jeans and disguises a not very flat stomach ! 

I measured the neckline elastic as per the pattern but I added an extra 4″ as it sat a little too high around the neck . 

Am pleased with how this turned out and already planning to make more , maybe changing neckline to fixed band and gathering into that instead of the elastic ? 

Glad I have added some sunshine to my wardrobe , let’s hope it encourages the sun out ! 


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