Meet my new machine 


Happiness is a new sewing machine ! Well, new to me anyway .  I have recently purchased a second hand Brother Industrial DB2-B735 -3 .

 I owned one many years ago and had to let it go due to lack of space , however I snapped this one up from eBay and am delighted to own an industrial again .

It was very dirty when it arrived and I set about giving it a thorough  clean in anticipation of renewing the oil and getting stitching .

I was delighted to find that the drawer contained a selection of feet , several packs of needles and a bag of spare bobbins , none of which had been mentioned in the listing , what a bonus .

She had obviously been well used and I removed a large amount of lint and a clump of thread from her innards !

When the oil arrived , I filled her up and started her up ! Ok , not bad , I could get a good stitch on very thick fabric but it skipped and puckered on thin fabric. I happily played for a while but could not improve the stitch and I only had the heavy gauge needles so my options were limited .

Time to call in the experts ! I eagerly awaited the engineers verdict , fingers crossed that I hadn’t invested in a machine needing a costly repair , but under their expert touch she was soon whizzing through all the test pieces with ease .

Time to embark on our first project , as I had nothing else ready , and could ‘t wait ! , I thought I’d make a cover .

I measured and cut the pieces from both oil cloth and fabric , I would have used just oil cloth but the only piece stashed was plain white and I thought that was a bit plain , so I chose a nice floral print and set to work, although it has been a long time since I have sewn on an industrial I  soon was whizzing along although every time I went to back stitch my hand went to where the reverse hold is on my Bernina instead of the reverse lever , my leg remembered the knee lift straight away though !

 I am looking forward to stitching my larger /heavier projects on the industrial and my Bernina domestic for the smaller projects and any special stitching , this will probably mean I have two projects going at the same time! That sounds great fun and a bit of a luxury , when I owned an industrial previously it was my only machine and sewed every thing I needed , however having a domestic for a few years may mean I can’t do without all the stitch settings , actually, there’s no ‘may’ about it – I need zigzag

Do you own an industrial machine ?  Let me know what you love best about yours .

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