Today I finished this cat softie as a gift for a new arrival

After a request for a gift for a new baby that had arrived in a cat loving family , I took a look on pintrest for some inspiration , sketched out a rough design and then drafted out a pattern .
I chose some coordinating cotton and felt oddments , using plain for the hands,  back of the head and back legs and the print for the remainder.
Putting together was reasonably straight forward , I applied the felt pieces with zigzag and hand embroidered the eyes, mouth and whiskers then made up the head and body, arms and legs.

I attached the head to the body , the arms ,legs and tail and turned through , I had originally intended to stitch the base of the back and front together to close , however as I was stuffing , it occurred to me that it would be nice if she could sit up , so I drafted and cut a base and part stitched , leaving a gap to turn through , if I had considered the base earlier I would have left part of the side seam open for turning instead . Turning through is always a bit of a struggle once the arms and legs are attached !

However am pleased with how she turned out , when I make another, as well as making opening in side seam, I’ll add the seam allowance to my pattern as I was too lazy to do this and added ‘by eye’ when cutting , which is not to be recommended .

Do you have a suggestion for best place to turn softies through ? Let me know , would love to hear from you

2 thoughts on “Kotka”

  1. Hello. I think your cat is cute – a wee bit Jane Fonda workout video. If you’re sewing the limbs into the body seam, I find it easier if you don’t stuff the limbs first. Rather, leave an opening in the seam of each limb and then stuff each one after you’ve turned the softie right side out.


    1. Hi Barbara
      Yes was a bit of a work out ! That’s a really good suggestion, will definitely remember that for next time , should really be breaking a sweat in the sewing room..


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