Quilted Baby Playmat


I thought I’d share my quilted baby play mat, I made this over the Christmas break for a new arrival and thought I’d take some photos before I deliver it to the new Mum.

I have made several of these quilts as gifts in the past and they are always well received, however free motion quilting is not one of my favourite things but I love the way the finished result adds texture to the fabric.

As an compulsive and eclectic maker I have made a resolution to note down measurements as occasionally I am asked to make another of something and find myself having to work it all out again.  See my method here Quilt tutorial

The finished quilt measures about 95cm (37.5″) square and is made from squares and sashes in cotton and wool blanketing for batting. This gives the finished quilt a lovely weight. In this quilt the blanketing was quite a dark pink , which shows through the white cotton, giving an overall pale pink colour .


For the  free motion quilting I used a stencil, tracing the continuous pattern with a washable fabric pen . This takes quite a long time , I have found this works well for me as I can see the line to follow as I am machining, knowing where I am going next helps the flow of quilting and assists with getting an even stitch length.

Take a look at Leah Day for fab tips



My top tips for free motion quilting are:

  • Practise, it’s so tempting to have quick go , decide your ready and then spend an evening unpicking uneven stitches.
  • Slow needle, fast arms – choosing a regular pattern will help you get into rhythm.
  • Start with a simple pattern, larger loops are easier to master.
  • Begin with a small project ( a single bed quilt is too big) it’s hard to master new technique whilst simultaneously rotating layers of fabric and batting.
  • Select the end needle down position, this will allow you to stop at any point to take a break , reposition your project, and relax your shoulders .

I enjoyed making the quilt and it’s a great way to use up those fabric pieces in your stash which are small but just too pretty to throw out.

What are your favourite tips for free motion quilting?